Unified Desktop- 360 View of Customers

Imagine the feel and comfort if an individual could get the 360-degree view of his all existing customers in a single screen. In InstaViiew365, all the data can be accessed, visualized and interpreted in a single click at your command.

This will empower the account management team with full information of their customer. The screen will have details of the customer’s Contacts, Leads & Opportunities, Payments, invoices, Contracts & renewals, CSAT Score, Revenue, set up details (Solution using), all task & meetings for each customer. With this kind of 360-degree information at your fingertips:

  • It will help you in retention, up-sell and cross-sell.
  • You can track your customer’s payments in advance and can also check if there are any pending invoices
  • You can also integrate 3rd party services like ticketing etc. and the system will show details on a single desktop. There is definitely no need to hop the screen as all the relevant information will be shown on one screen.